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Frequently Asked Questions 
Landman Training FAQ's

  • What are the computer requirements to take your courses?
    Click on "Tech Specs" on the right-hand side of the page for a complete computer requirements checklist.
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  • What does e-Learning entail?
    Landman Academy courses consist of three primary components: * Streaming video lecture * An electronic discussion through which students conduct dialogue with a mentor and other classmates at any time of the day or night * Posted lectures, presentations, and notes Students go to the online class any time of the day or night that best fits their schedule and can stay in class as long as desired during the length of the semester. Further, they can view the video lectures and discussions over and over until the content is fully understood, a capability particularly useful in absorbing technical subjects. Even student relocation during the course of the class is no obstacle to course completion since the course can be accessed online anywhere around the world.
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  • How often do classes run?
    Our classes are virtual so you can login and take courses anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year from
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  • Will I get the same attention I would get if I was in a regular class room?
    Yes, we require all online instructors to respond to you in less than 48 hours.
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  • Why should I consider Landman Academy training?
    You have easy access to anywhere/anytime training, from home or work, day or night. Web-based training is just as effective as classroom training, and take half the time to complete at a fraction of the price.
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  • Do I get a certificate of completion when I complete courses?
    Yes. After successfully completing a course, including passing the exams and completing any mandatory exercises, you will receive a certificate.
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  • Can I leave the course and come back later?
    Yes. Courses are available for 12 weeks after purchase. Our courses are designed to fit into your schedule, with the opportunity to leave and reenter the course as many times as necessary within the given access window. You can also come back to review the course, even after it has been completed, making it a great reference tool.
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  • What is the Landman Academy Privacy Policy?
    For detailed information on the LA Privacy Policy, please refer to the bottom of the website for a link.
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  • What do the courses include?
    Landman Academy courses are designed to teach you information through slide-shows, with audio provided for each slide. In addition to the slide-shows, you will be able to access handouts of the slide-show and perform self-checks to prepare for the final exam. To reinforce the concepts you have learned in each unit, there are learning activities and WebBoard discussions. Landman Academy also provides additional online resources and a glossary related to your course of study. If you have questions regarding the content, an industry expert will be available to answer your questions by e-mail.
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  • Will I have access to real people?
    Yes! The course will include activities that encourage you to talk with people in your company and with other students via e-mail. During the course, you also will be able to address questions directly to industry experts via e-mail. Technical support for your computer also will be available via e-mail at
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  • Who should take these courses?
    Each course is different, so be sure to read the course description before you sign up. In general, to succeed in these courses, you will need to be able to read and understand English and have basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division skills.
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  • Is there a test?
    There will be a final exam for any course you enroll in. If you answer 70% of the exam questions correctly, and have completed all assignments, quizzes, and required course activities, you will receive a certificate of completion for the course. There will be many self-check quizzes throughout the course, but these are not graded. There will also be questions that will help you review the information and prepare for the final exam.
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  • Do I have to take the course at certain times of the day?
    No. Take the course at your convenience. It's available 24 hours a day.
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  • How long will the course take to complete?
    That's up to you! Our courses are designed to be completed in 20 hours or less. You will have twelve weeks from the start date of the course to work through the modules and complete the test. After the twelve weeks, you will no longer have access to the course.
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  • Will I have to buy a textbook or any other class materials?
    No. You will be provided all workbooks/textbooks with your enrollment if they are required. All courses are thoroughly written so you will not need to buy any required textbooks--although we will recommend additional reading materials to purchase--these materials are optional and you are not required to buy them to complete the course.
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  • Is this cost per lesson?
    The fee you pay is for a 12 week subscription and you gain access to the entire course. No other fees will be incurred by you to use our system.
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  • How are the courses administered?
    The entire program is delivered both online through our proprietary training system and a published training manual/workbook that is mailed to you. The site is available to you 24/7.
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  • Does your school provide Job Placement Assistance? What if I need assistance after the course while I am on a job?
    Yes. This assistance is not given as an incentive to enroll and we cannot guarantee placement nor is a representation of job placement made or implied. Job openings are received from numerous brokers and will be provided to you by means of email or telephone. Ultimately, getting a job is the student's responsibility. We have a comprehensive Career Center and Network designed to give you the tools to find employment. For those students completing our courses, job placement assistance will remain available to you, throughout your entire career.
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