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Why eLearning for Employees/Contractors?

How do you currently train your new employees? Are you pulling your best employees off their jobs and using their valuable time for training new hires?

Landman Academy offers a faster, more cost-effective approach. Assign your new employees/contractors to our Landman Fundamentals Program and you'll be giving them a foundation to build the rest of their knowledge on. They'll become familiar with industry terms and get a broad, noncommercial look at common processes. This will enable them to better utilize the senior members of your staff for answering questions and giving one-on-one training in your operation's particular processes.

Contact us today to determine how we can assist you in developing a custom training program for your company and employees.

Why Online Training:

  • Reduced Training Costs
  • Efficient Use of Existing Resources
  • Student Accountability
  • Broader, Faster Impact
  • Effective Teaching Methodology
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