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 Refund Policy 
In a perfect world everyone would love what they bought and refunds would never be necessary. But the world isn't quite that perfect, hence the obligatory Landman Academy Refund Policy.

Landman Academy Refund Policy:

Course Subscription Refund Policy
Landman Academy actively seeks to create learning environments that fully foster the success of those that use our instructional materials. Barriers to learning are by design eliminated from our course offerings. One known barrier to learning is the operation of refund policies and guarantees. Both are often seen by students as exit strategies that may be exercised in lieu of completing a course. Thus, the possibility of a refund can and often does reduce student drive and their level of effort to successfully complete a course. Landman Academy's basic refund policy is thus - no refund.

However, there are exceptions. First, if a student enrolls in the wrong course, or an inappropriate course, and notifies Landman Academy within 24 hours of enrollment, a replacement course or refund will be made available. Second, students are encouraged to continue with their studies until they succeed.

Under no circumstances shall Landman Academy be held responsible for overdraft charges incurred from your financial institution as a result of any purchases or renewals through or in connection with our websites. It is the sole responsibility of you as a customer to ensure "overdraft fees," "overage fees," or "overlimit" or any other fees from your financial institution do not occur by taking the necessary action to avoid them. Furthermore, Landman Academy is not liable for any fees incurred due to billing errors unless they are made directly by our company.

Contacting Landman Academy with a Refund Issue
Look, we're reasonable people. We shop at stores and return stuff just like you do, and we don't like being hassled by lame customer service people either. If we made a mistake with your billing and you need to make an adjustment feel free to contact us HERE. We're here to help.
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