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Student Computer Specifications 
Landman Academy Computer Requirements

System requirements for completing an online course at Landman Academy

Computers purchased within the last five years will generally have the processor speed and memory capacity to effectively use this website. In order to make sure your online experience is successful, you will need to meet minimum hardware and software requirements. Sufficient technology and Internet access is required to access online coursework when you take our courses online. The following list will help verify that you are adequately equipped.

Minimum System Requirements

Following is the hardware and software needed to complete your college course online at LA:

Operating System: Windows XP (with Service Pack 2), Windows Vista (32-bit recommended for maximum software compatibility).

MAC OS 10 or higher is supported, but there are some applications that require the Windows OS. You should be prepared to run the Parallels desktop and a Windows OS if you elect to use a MAC system.

Productivity Tools: Microsoft Office for Windows OR Microsoft Office for Mac. (NOTE: NOT a requirement to complete coursework but HIGHLY recommended.) A fully-functional, 60-day working trial copy can be obtained here.

Internet Access: ISP account for Internet access and email address. (See more on Internet connectivity specifications below.)

Browser: Java-enabled internet browser:

Windows: Mozilla Firefox 1.2 or higher (Free download available at

MAC: Mozilla Firefox 1.3 or higher (Free download at

NOTE: The AOL browser, Opera and Safari browsers are NOT currently supported for online coursework. You may use AOL for your ISP, but should use Firefox with the versions listed above for a browser

Plug-ins: The following are plug-ins are required for many of the resources available in your online courses.

Adobe Flash Player

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Apple QuickTime Player

Additional plug-ins and/or downloads will be required by specific courses. The courses will include information for obtaining and installing the appropriate plug-ins.

Computer Security (Windows): Anti-virus, firewall, anti-spyware

Recommended and supported:

Sound Requirements:

  • Sound card, speakers and/or headset

Internet Access

Internet access is required to participate in online components of your courses online. An Internet Service Provider (ISP) will provide you with the software and access necessary to utilize the Internet in order of preference:

  • Recommended: LAN, Cable, or DSL connection. Highly recommended for optimal student experience.
  • 56K Dial-up connection. Many course components will have suboptimal performance when accessed through a 56K dial-up connection.
  • Satellite and/or Wireless Internet connection. Satellite and wireless connections are not recommended. Performance may be suboptimal due to latency and signal instability.

If AOL is your ISP, you must use the Firefox browser, rather than the default AOL browser, to complete coursework online. Simply launch the appropriate browser after logging onto your AOL account.

If you connect to the Internet through your company, you may need to ensure that appropriate plug-ins and access rights are available to you. Check with your IT department to ensure that you may access course materials from your company's network.

Email Account

A valid email address, which is checked frequently, is required for participation in online coursework. It is recommended that you ensure that you check your email account to confirm that email sent to you from your instructor or the academy is not filtered. This will avoid issues with Spam blockers and other problems that may prevent you from receiving email from your instructors. If you change your email address, you must update your account settings immediately.


All plug-ins needed to participate in online coursework are available free of charge. It is recommended that you review the list of plug-ins and install them prior to beginning your coursework.

Computer and Internet Security

The ease and convenience of online education through the Internet brings with it the need to ensure that our computers do not become targets for unwanted and often malicious attacks and intrusions by computer viruses and/or hackers. To prevent this, we recommend using an anti-virus package and a corporate or personal firewall.

Your computer is subject to virus attack whether you're surfing the Internet or getting information from floppy disks, CDs or a network. Email attachments are particularly vulnerable.

McAfee Virus Scan is one of the most popular and effective anti-virus programs on the market. This product offers the security of automatic protection against viruses, malicious ActiveX controls and Java applets and other dangerous code. This program also offers automatic retrieval of new anti virus definitions for updating. Since an anti-virus program is no better than its virus definitions, virus definitions should be updated regularly, preferably on a monthly basis. 

Personal firewalls are another means to protect your computer from malicious activity when you are connected to the Internet. Windows comes with a built-in personal Firewall. It is recommended that you enable the Windows Internet Connection Firewall and learn how to use this application to protect your computer and network by limiting or preventing access to this computer from the Internet.

More information from Microsoft.

Screen Settings

Your screen resolution (size) should be set at minimum 1024 x 768 or higher.

Computer specifications are reviewed and revised every six months to accommodate changes in technology. While every attempt is made to ensure that these specifications satisfy all curricular needs for students completing a course online, Landman Academy reserves the right to require upgrades in the event of technology changes. Students will be given 90 days notice before such changes are implemented.

Note: Courseware cannot be accessed using Web TV.

NOTE: Students who need assistive technologies will have different computer and technology requirements. Please contact us at support[at] to determine the requirements for the specific technologies needed to support your coursework.

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