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 The Landman Academy Difference 
Choosing Landman Academy for Your New Career 
Landman Academy - Your Door To a New Future!
The Landman Academy advantage is simple. You can break it down into 3 key points:

1. The Economics
It all starts here. You save time, money, gas, and more with our system. Because we don't have the overhead associated with traditional seminars/schools (facility rental, full-time instructor fees, etc.), we're able to pass those savings along to you...all without compromising the quality of education and offering you a total training solution.

2. The Content
Clear, concise, and real-world. That's what our courses deliver. And once you've got the best training system in the landman industry (which we do), that content comes naturally. See, we aren't just the best at what we do on the computer or in the field. We're also the best at teaching it to you in an accessible way. This means that it doesn't take 8 hours of your day to learn from our courses unless you choose to. If you only have 5 minutes we guarantee you'll find plenty of 5 minute lessons to jump into, learn a thing or two, and get back to work. When you log back in, you can pick right up where you left off. Plus, you have access to far more content than you'll ever find/receive in a 2-3 day seminar.

3. The Students
That's you - our customers. We concentrate on one philosophy when it comes to our customers. Treat people like we like to be treated. We want you to learn what you need to learn in the amount of time you have to learn it. If you succeed in that, then we all succeed in the end. Our courses lay the foundation you'll need to succeed throughout your entire career as a professional landman.

At Landman Academy you're in control of your schedule.

  • Your virtual classroom is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Complete as much or as little at each sitting as you like.
  • Take up to 12 weeks to complete a course.

Course content at Landman Academy is developed by experts in the field, and geared toward exposing you to current industry standards and best practices.

Interactive programs keep you engaged in learning the fundamentals of the landman profession:

  • Slideshows are accompanied by audio to help you absorb the material.
  • Self-checks and WebBoard discussions help you retain it.
  • Successfully complete the final test and receive a professional certificate of completion that announces your achievement.
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